Play VIC Week

Music Victoria and the Community Broadcasting Association of Victoria are teaming up for “Play VIC Week”

August 6th ‐ 12th on Community Radio Statewide

During the first week of August, Community Radio Stations across Victoria are encouraged to feature our own Victorian Singers, Songwriters and Bands. One or two songs an hour in live shows, more if you like. Maybe even get some local musicians in for music live to air.

CBAV and Music Victoria will provide a range of Celebrity Promos, some interviews and work to set up some Station visits as well.

”Victoria has such a wealth of musical talent, and such a strong network of community radio stations, that ”Play Vic Week” is a great initiative. As the peak body for contemporary music, the celebration and promotion of Victorian artists is one of our key goals. Many community stations are already supporting their local artists, but this is a great chance for broadcasters to seek out what else the state has to offer. Radio is still one of the best platforms for artists to gain exposure, and it’s great for listeners as well, because often they can go and see these artist play at their local venue.”

Patrick Donovan ‐ Music Victoria CEO

Need inspiration for Play VIC Week? Here are some great Victorian artists.

Lots of music variety and plenty of music live to air

Kate Alexa, Zoe Badwi, Vanessa Amorosi, Normie Rowe, Daryl Braithwaite, Kate Ceberano, Diana Trask, Renee Geyer, Kylie Minogue, Helen Reddy, Anthony Callea, Judith Durham, Yung Warriors, Temper Trap, The Messengers, The Little Stevies, Fox Fagan, Skipping Girl Vinegar, Cadillac, Saskwatch, Kate Alexa, Bright Knights, Sal Kimber & The Rolling Wheel, The Jed Rowe Band, Emmy Bryce,  The Panics, The Stoics,  Adalita

and get onto AMRAP’s AirIt service and search for Victorian Artists for some fresh music

if you haven’t already got an account, it’s easy and free for all community broadcasters 🙂

“Thanks for promoting Amrap’s AirIt service as part of your Play Vic
campaign. I’ve generated a special web link below that instantly finds every
Victorian music track that’s on AirIt. Please click it and you will see that we
have over 800 Victorian tracks from hundreds of Victorian artists ready to
be ordered for airplay. Can you please consider posting this link to your
website or using it in email updates to Vic stations participating in your
Cheers, Chris Johnson
Manager – Amrap
The Australian Music Radio Airplay Project

VIC’s Pics

Music live to air looks like being a big part of ‘Play VIC Week’, quite a few Stations are already very active in hosting live music sessions, even helping up‐and‐coming singers and bands with recording facilities. At Southern FM they have been doing regular live music sessions on Sunday afternoons since 2009 and the long list of muso’s that have passed through the Studios is full of now familiar names, many through AMRAP.

Don’t forget the Photos!

If you’re having music live‐to‐air or interviewing musicians, make sure to send us some photos! CBAV is planning a bigger project and lots of photos will help.

Download the updates to put on your station notice boards

Play VIC Week Update 1

Play VIC Week Update 2

120721 Play VIC Week Update 3 12.7.12

Play VIC Week – Suggestions 26.7.12

Play VIC Week – More Suggestions 28.7.12

PlayVICweek – update 4 5.8.12

Play VIC Week Update 5 28.8.12

Play VIC Week Events

“We are Uni of Ballarat Adv. Dip of Live Production Course and produce
over 100 Victorian live music artists every year as part of our program
training lighting and sound technicians, and have been doing so for over 10
years. As part of our 2012 program of events we also stream live video
performances for over 20 nights this year to support and nurture Victorian
performers and help get their music online for the world to see at our
youtube channel (

On August 9, 10 and 11, during Play Vic Week, we will be producing 10 acts
live from The Helen Macpherson Smith Theatre in Ballarat.

We occasionally do simulcasts on 99.9 Voice FM in Ballarat, will suss this out
with Helen Bath. We’d love to be part of Play Vic Week, and feel free to
include us in your list of events and activities supporting live Victorian Music.
All the details of Facebook Event Pages and Live Streaming Event Pages are
at ( and (