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CBAV Newsletter April 2013

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From Ken Thompson, President, CBAV Inc.

The CBAV committee continues to meet regularly and work on issues that will promote the Victorian community broadcasting sector.

Our most recent event was the Same Song Same Time project which was again a successful venture in demonstrating the ability of Victorian community broadcasters to work together and deliver a co-ordinated broadcast featuring a young Victorian composer and his performance. Nineteen stations participated in the project and it is hoped to post stories and pictures on the CBAV website in the near future. Importantly, the event was an official part of national Youth Week and one of the purposes of the project was to connect with young people and deliver positive messaging to them about celebrating the enjoyment of being young. From a CBAV perspective, the efforts of Mark Perrott (OKR-FM) are appreciated.

Whilst the CBAV membership continues to grow, it is important that the committee hears from all members in regard to issues and projects that the CBAV should be delivering upon. The committee launched a members’ survey recently and we are still keen to hear from more members – so please take a few minutes and respond via the CBAV website at

As a volunteer at my own community station in Morwell, I know how difficult it is to focus on broader sector matters when you are up to your armpits with daily challenges, but my experience has been that I have learnt so much from others and other stations about how they tackle issues that the benefits being derived from sector bodies can be enormous.

The CBAV is so keen to hear from you – that all respondents will go into a prize draw for $250 cash for your station – for all responses made by 24th May, 2013.

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting the new CBAA General Manager Jon Bisset who is relatively new to the sector but brings with him a wealth of experience and ideas. Whilst I appreciate that many CBAV members are not members of the CBAA, it is important to note that the CBAV committee believes its role is to complement the work of our national sector body and to build a positive alliance with the CBAA and other representative groups on a State basis. The sector needs to work together – otherwise we are divided and

much more easily conquered (which sounds a bit cliché, but true I think). The sector needs to work together, large stations and small, to optimise outcomes for the industry we are all so passionate about. Jon Bisset expressed a view that CBAA would welcome to work with CBAV on projects of mutual benefit and the committee will be giving some consideration to that once your responses to the member survey are concluded.

I also recently visited the new offices of the Community Broadcasting Foundation in Parkville. The facilities there are first class and the staff are certainly enjoying the new surroundings and hopefully they will be able to continue to provide their usual conscientious and dedicated approach to supporting the sector, despite the sensational views from the office windows!

The NEMBC (National Ethnic & Multicultural Broadcasters Council) recently launched its media kit at 3ZZZ in Melbourne. This event was attended by a number of key people involved in Government and multi-cultural organisations and I was pleased to attend on behalf of Victorian broadcasters. Those of you who are also members of the NEMBC will be aware that media kit will be a valuable source of information to assist multicultural communities, settlement service providers and community broadcasters on how to gain a stronger voice in media, engaging and communicating with mainstream media and how to get involved in media.

I am also pleased to advise that CBAV’s committee is endeavouring to update its contact database and Mike Tobin has been doing some work to progress this. You may receive some contact in the near future to confirm just who are the key people at your station and to whom emails and the like should be addressed to. Any advice you can offer will be very much appreciated – as one of the key roles for an organisation like CBAV is to keep the sector connected to itself.

– Ken Thompson – CBAV President


Further to the overview of CBAV projects published in the last newsletter, the following is simply a reminder and update on the events remaining this year.

Play VIC Week – is scheduled for the first week of August, 2013 and hopefully the CBAV will succeed with grant funding to assist stations with their activities associated with this event. Watch out for an update in the near future.

Victorian Seniors Festival – the CBAV committee recently endorsed a proposal to partner with the Victorian Seniors Festival to help promote the week and to provide some resources for member stations to use. This event is coming up in October and the CBAV is hoping to be in a position to offer payments to stations who can produce material for distribution to the sector.

More on this in coming months.

Wingman Campaign – the CBAV is exploring alternative

concepts to promote the important messages of the Wingman campaign – helping reduce alcohol related violence; if your station has some ideas about new ways of delivering this project, please let us know.

It is hoped that further funding will also be made available again this year.

Get The Message – this project was largely delivered in 2012, however the CBAV is keen to produce some announcements in foreign languages – particularly Greek, Italian and Chinese. The CBAV is able to offer funding for production costs – so if any station is interested, please contact the CBAV via email.

Be Heard – whilst not auspiced by the CBAV, we are keen to promote the Be Heard project what those involved are doing this year and to assist in documenting the projects being undertaken. Remember, there is no cost – we simply need a brief update on your progress and some photographs. These updates were sent to the Office for Youth and the CBAA last year – and they provide good documentary evidence for grant reports. Participating stations are also requested to confirm what email address the CBAV should send the updates to.

Suicide Prevention – whilst the CBAA has been producing material for some time on this, Highland FM (Woodend) has been running a pilot project using qualified psychologists and it is looking to broaden its involvement with other stations. If you are interested in exploring this opportunity further – contact Geoff Murray at Highland FM (email –

Federal Court Decision

Many members will be aware that a recent decision of the Federal Court found in favour of the PPCA (against the commercial radio sector) that streaming would

require the payment of additional copyright fees to undertake this activity – in other words the copyright fees paid for broadcasting did not cover the streaming of the same material. Whilst the commercial sector has reserved the right to appeal this decision, clearly there could be ramifications for community broadcasters and a handful have approached the CBAV for advice. As this is a national issue, the CBAV believes this is a matter for the CBAA and is aware that it is abreast of the matter.

Federal Election – 2013

Members may be aware that ACMA (Australian Communications & Media Authority) recently published some advice on the imminent Federal election following some public comment over whether or not an ‘election period’ had commenced following the announcement of the Prime Minister in late January, 2013 regarding the election date. ACMA advises that it will be administering the Broadcasting Services Act on the basis that an “election period” has not yet commenced. [Under the Broadcasting Services Act, during an ‘election period’ broadcasters must ‘give reasonable opportunities for the broadcasting of election matter to all political parties contesting the election.’ However, broadcasters are ‘not (required) to broadcast any matter free of charge.]

CBAV Member Survey

As noted earlier in this newsletter – get your responses in to the CBA V survey NOW – $250 on offer for all those who respond by the 24th May, 2013. Every response is vital. Check it out – click here

It would be appreciated if survey respondents could at least identify the station they are affiliated with.

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