CBAV is the State Peak Body for Victorian community broadcasting stations.

CBAV mission – to assist the development of community broadcasters in Victoria, facilitating co-operation and the exchange of ideas within the sector.

CBAV is run by an Executive Committee made up of station representatives elected by the stations who attend the annual general meeting each year.

CBAV was first established in 1980 and had a second start in 1982 – as VPBA (Victorian Public Broadcasting Association) – when there were few licensed stations and lots of aspirants, many of whom went on to become fully licensed.

CBAV’s role over this period of time has varied.  In its earlier years, it worked hard to assist aspirant stations to gain their licences.  Later it mostly focused on running training seminars for people in Victorian community stations.

CBAV has organised training programs, seminars on key topics, conferences, general meetings and meetings with key personnel from the broadcasting authorities.

CBAV has also co-ordinated promotional activities, a sponsorship scheme, and a regular newsletter.

CBAV has always welcomed attendance and general participation to anyone involved in a station as a volunteer and has built up a sizeable emailing list to individuals in our sector.

CBAV is not merely a radio organization but since its inception has included community television

Meet Us

Mark Perrot (OKR) – President

Ken Thompson (3GCR) – Treasurer

Heidi Tobin (KLFM) – Secretary

Geoff Murray (3CH) – Non-metro Committee Member

Mike Tobin (KLFM) – Non-metro Committee Member

John Worcester (3MBS) – Ordinary Committee Member

Christopher Zerafa (3NOW) – Ordinary Committee Member

Raja De Alwis (3WBC) – Ordinary Committee Member

Lynn Wells (3BBR) – Ordinary Committee Member