Same Song Same Time – audio promo

Same Song Same Time 1

The Audio Promo for Same song Same time 2 has been recorded by the singer and composer of the song, Chris O’Neill. The music backing for the Promo is a song written by Chris but it is not the ‘official’ song. Make sure to tell us soon if you would prefer a CD of the song rather than an MP3 file. As an official National Youth Week event there is extra interest in this event as it is one of the few occasions there has been an official Statewide event. email us at to get the song, either by download or on CD.

This year there are also some awards – Three $100 awards for really good photos of the event taking place. Two $200 awards for 3 to 5 minute recordings of young presenters talking about any topic prompted by the theme of National Youth Week – ‘Be happy, be active, be you’. If you have any questions about the project or want to share any thoughts or ideas, please let us know. Let this be the year that PBS, RRR, 3CR, ZZZ and SYN all participate after all the song is only 4 minutes and 9 seconds ! ‘

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